Rules & RegulationR

Kindly note the following points :

School will open, Each and every child must be present on the first day for the celebration and to maintain the attendance.

Loss of Stationery

  • Loss of any stationary items shall have to be replaced by the parents, keeping in mind the uniformity of the product(same company/size). All the text books must be covered with brown paper.

Dress code

  • Student will hae to be neatly dressed with clean uniform, polished shoes, oiled hair with two plaits, I.D. card and belt must be worn everyday. Boys should have short hair-cut.

Parents / Teachers (Open house)(Compulsory)

  • Parents-Teachers meeting will strictly be as follows otherwise parents will nor be allowed to disturb the class teacher. Parents can meet the class teachers on only.

White Uniform

  • Children are to wear white uniform on every Saturday.

Saturday from 3:30 to 5:00pm

  • Speech The parents must always speak in English or Hindi within the school premises.

Guidelines for parents

  • Co-operation from parents for active participation in picnics, sports day, annual function and other cultural activities. Please give us some time to do our best. Thank you very much for taking the right decision of joining us.